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Since 2004 Calderdale Geoscience Limited (CGL1) has provided clients with in-house technical expertise in the evaluation of blocks offered in licensing rounds, resulting in numerous license awards and successful wells. Recently, CGL has worked on UK 29th, 31st and 32nd Round applications; geopressure mapping in the Norwegian Barents Sea; UK Southern North Sea digital core database; and the vectorisation of all well and seismic data from the Cauvery Basin, Sri Lanka.

The current members of CGL are as follows

The Directors...


The Associates...



While every effort will be made to prepare accurate data bases and maps, it should be recognized that the geological data available will always be incomplete and that any interpretations made or advice offered will be predictive, not certain. The directors of Calderdale Geoscience Limited cannot accept responsibility or liability for commitments undertaken by clients or for subsequent exploration results.

1 CGL is privately owned by the directors and by Equipoise Solutions Ltd.

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